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Techno Labs is a place, to do customization of props according to client requests, generally at Techno Labs we make real teaching aids related to Simulation and modeling, Instruments and Control, Mechatronics and Rotary Technology.

At Techno Labs, these props are made according to the model, manipulated so that they are safe for users, produce realism in the product and also in installation and are safe for the environment because we apply ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

Some of the props that have been produced through Techno Labs are:
Marine Physics Laboratory
Application of Mechatronica Technology in design Maritime Physics Simulation Teaching Aids: Kinematic and Mechanics, Fluids Mechanics, Temperature and Heat, Electricity and Magnet
Basic & Advance Electrical Lab
Design and Fabrication of Basic and Advanced Electrical Laboratory Simulation Teaching Aids , by implementing the Application of Mechatronica Technology
Star Delta Trainer
Star Delta Trainer Electric Motor Starter is a learning of star circuit and delta circuit. When the electric motor is first turned on, the amount of current that comes out can be reduced thanks to the star delta circuit installed in it.
Forward Reversible
APS Forward Reversible Electric Motor Starter is a rotary control three-phase induction motor, where the motor will rotate in two directions, moving forward and moving in the opposite direction
High Voltage Simulator
Simulation Teaching Aids of High Voltage Marine, is a medium for learning high voltage electricity of a ship according to IMO standards.
Real Engine for Operation
Simulation Teaching Aids of Simulation Trouble Instrumentation System (STIS) MDE is a system designed to be able to troubleshoot an engine, without having to disassemble the engine, but treat the combination of electrical.
Ship Stability Simulator
Ship Stability Trainer Simulation Model Design is intended to understand the stability of a ship so that it can anticipate the safety of the ship and can overcome the condition of the ship when it is unstable.
Ship Refrigerator & AC Trainer
The design of the cooling system simulation demonstration tool (Refrigeration System) is to describe the cooling system learning tool from various conditions and its application.
Gas Turbine Simulator
Learning medium for Steam Boilers and Gas Turbines: how to work, how to operate, how to treat / maintain, understand mechanical & thermodynamic properties and behavior, understand types of trouble & how to solve trouble.